Unmasking Your Purpose.



6/24/20201 min read

We all aim to find our purpose-- our reason for getting up in the morning and contribution to the world. Despite putting in the work and taking baby steps in the right direction, I continue to get frustrated.

Anyone else?

“Why won’t someone just tell me what I’m meant to do?!” I practically shout at the universe.

The response is always the same infuriating phrase: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” But how can we enjoy the trip when we know that there’s something meant for us just within our grasp? 

I had a revelation recently while watching The Masked Singer (bear with me here....).

This show is both hysterical and heartwarming where celebrities disguise themselves to sing, then the judges attempt to guess who they truly are. It sounds WAY easier than it is. Episode after episode, we’re given more elaborate clues to help us determine who these people are. And of course, in true singing competition fashion, they’re voted off and unmasked one-by-one.

Because I binge-watched this show after it aired, I was tempted so many times to grab my phone and search for results to confirm my guesses (“Who is the freaking punk-rock Turtle?!” proceeds to rip hair out).

I resisted, however, because what would be the point in watching if I already knew the secrets?

That’s when it hit me- if I Google searched what my purpose is (or who the heartthrob Turtle is), it would take the fun out of the entire experience.

Yep, it took reality TV to help me understand why the journey is so important.

It’s also OK if your life trajectory changes direction (or if you change your mind about which boy-bander Turtle could possibly be) once or many, many times.

Eventually, your purpose will unmask itself. It may not be exactly what you expected, but you’ll look back on the show and realize that the answer was right there, serenading you all along.