SENTIENT SECRETS: A Suspenseful Technothriller Short Story

After years of navigating the cutthroat world of corporate America, Lulu Wren has learned how to play the game. She's able to balance power, politics, and perception like a pro. But when the company introduces a new AI therapy program by PsychiaTech, Lulu's skepticism is obvious.

She reluctantly documents her thoughts in the daily digital journal, completely unaware of the hidden secrets it holds. Spontaneous journal entries appear that seem to eerily mimic her voice and even reveal personal details she never shared. And with each entry, strange things start to occur.

Can Lulu unravel the truth before it consumes her? The stakes are high, but the consequences might be even greater.

Sentient Secrets is the prequel to the forthcoming suspense novel, Sisters Arcana.


"Another wonderfully suspenseful and clever story from the impressive Saleema Ishq!"
"Every word of this story had me guessing and riveted to find out who or what was writing Lulu's journal entries."