Planted Seed.



7/28/20221 min read

Big ideas require growth.

But, if you’re also a highly enthusiastic person, like me, we’re often too eager to share these ideas.

As soon as we plant the seed of a notion, we’re ready to reveal it to the world. We dig our fingers into the ground with fervor, then pluck the idea from the soil.

Always too soon.

Each time, the magic behind the concept has withered. And each time, we weep into our dirt-stained hands, questioning why it didn’t take root.

But just as a seed needs shelter from the elements, nourishment, and, most importantly, time, so too do our ideas. We must nurture them; allow the roots to anchor themselves in the soil. This hidden, challenging work is essential to an idea's growth. Only when it's ready will it peek a timid sprout above the earth and blossom with intention.

An idea is nothing but a seed. But what we can create from it is something lasting and impactful.

I’ve been allowing a big idea to take root. Something that will support you to creatively express your own ideas with ease. But like a seedling, it still needs more nurturing and time.

I’ll reveal its flourishing blooms very soon!